LimeSDR LMS7002M single 1.8V power supply

Dear Lime team and @Zack

I have a question regards the LimeSDR board and LMS7002 Transceiver. Reading through the specs/datasheet of the LMS it looks like the transceiver can be powered by one power supply with 1.8V rather than using multiple voltage levels. I found the following sentence in the product description on the Lime Website:

The DSP supplements the analogue gain with digital control and is an important factor in reducing the overall power consumption. This allows the LMS7002M to operate from a single supply rail of 1.8V with individual blocks capable of being powered down for further power savings.

However, looking through the Altium design files, it seems like the LimeSDR utilizes 1.8V, 1.4V, and (2x)1.25V as power supply for the LMS chip.

Not sure if I understand that correctly, but are there modifications to the board necessary to utilize the single 1.8V power supply? Or do the other inputs just have to be switched off? Why was this design (multiple voltages as input) used for the LimeSDR board?

Thank you very much for your help!