I’ve spent some time putting together a live-boot system for LimeSDR tooling.

This allows you to boot into a pre-built operating system pre-loaded with LimeSDR, gnuradio, gqrx, etc from a USB thumb-drive (or an emulator like VirtualBox)

This is delivered as both a linux shell script, and a pre-built iso file for amd64 architecture. This project leverages the debian live project to compile a bootable ISO compatible with BIOS and UEFI devices.

I’ve been able to successfully utilize:

  • LimeSuiteGui, LimeQuickTest, LimeUtil
  • GQRX

This image also provides GnuRadio 3.8, but I’ve not spent time with that tool yet

After logging into the live-boot sytem, open the ‘terminal’ program in order to execute the programs like LimeSuiteGui and GQRX

ISO File: Release v1.0 · derefnull/limesdr-liveiso · GitHub
Code: GitHub - derefnull/limesdr-liveiso at release-1.0

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can you explain how you make the live iso?

im running ubuntu 20.04.1 lts daily build amd64 desktop.
i only use “Try Ubuntu” and then i use these commands.
first i enable the community drivers in settings
then i do these commands in a terminal
sudo apt update
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:myriadrf/drivers
sudo apt-get install python3-pip python3-pyqt5 python3-numpy python3-scipy python3-soapysdr soapysdr-module-lms7 gqrx-sdr cubicsdr limesuite
pip3 install --user qspectrumanalyzer

this gives me qspectrumanalyzer, gqrx-sdr, limesuite and cubicsdr.

what it does not give me is a working nvidia binary driver so i can use opencl fft or cuda like for fosphor.
anyhow if you could share your knowledge on how to create custom ubuntu 20.04 live enviroment “Try Ubuntu” with a working nvidia binary driver instead of the nauveau driver it would be awesome.

Hi en1gma,

The original post details the process. For additional information, you can look at the code that I provided.

This LiveISO is a debian based image, built using the debian live tooling. All the SDR support packages are compiled from source.

If your requirement is nvidia drivers & Ubuntu base image, you may have success reviewing these documents:
Customize an Ubuntu LiveCD, or
Build an Ubuntu LiveCD from Scratch

thanks for the quick reply.
will be looking at the links you provided.

great job.
i havent done what you have done yet as mentioned above for the instructions but im thinking about it except both my laptops are running ubuntu 20.04 as its the LTS now.

Hi @en1gma,

I have a working Ubuntu Focal live ISO. Do you still have interest in this? I no longer have a limeSDR so unable to test with hardware.

send link i might check it out at some time.
i havent messed with my limesdr in a very long time.