LIMESDR - Link Budget

I have recently ordered my LIMESDR and while I am waiting for it to arrive, I have been doing some research on this forum while, at the sime time, calculating my link budget. The goal of my project is to implement a wireless D2D RF connection in the Millimetric wave frequency range (around 60Ghz). And while I was looking to the LIMESDR datasheet I noticed that there is few official information about the performance data of the device on different operating frequencies.
Is there any Power Output (dBm) reference associated with the operating frequencies? And Antenna gains in Tx and RX?

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Which model LimeSDR?

The one I will be using it’s the LimeMicro:LMS7002M.

For LMS7002M you can find specifications here:

You can find LimeSDR-USB performance here:

This shows default and with matching network modification to improve HF performance.

LimeSDR Mini and LimeNET Micro have different matching networks and I’m not sure if similar data is available.

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Thank you!

Where can I find the lowest Rx sensivity without any external amplifiers?


@Zack, do we have this?

Hi @andremartins4,

Check this document:


Thanks, @Zack. Also just added this to the GitHub repo:


Thank you for your patience @Zack and @andrewback. That’s exactly this.