LimeSDR learning materials for amateurs


I own a LimeSDR USB 3.0 board for 3 years now and have been using it mainly for simple projects, like listening to HF / PMR / DMR etc. or reverse engineering a trivial protocol used by a wireless weather station.
I feel that I barely scratched the surface of the board’s possibilities, but when I try to learn something more advanced I quickly get overwhelmed by its complexity (I’m a professional programmer but an amateur / hobbyist electronics guy and my knowledge of signal processing is quite basic). Many of the things I do, I don’t understand. LimeSuiteGUI is just a bunch of boxes with numbers to me and I have no clue about what the configuration options mean.
I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction when it comes to what I should learn next, to be able to better understand the board? Something more advanced than a gnuradio tutorial, but still aimed at inexperienced users.

Thank you!

The best book that I have found is -“Understanding Digital Signal Processing” by Richard G. Lyons.

He goes through many of the algorithms in detail . The weakness of the book is that he seldom tells how to put the algorithms together - He needs a Volume 2 where he tells how build programs using the Volume 1 algorithms to do some of the wonderful things possible.

I found this book very good also:

The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to

Digital Signal Processing
By Steven W. Smith, Ph.D.
Available as hard copy or pdf (pdf is for free)
Freddy, ON7VQ