LimeSDR keeps re-transmitting buffer when no stream input?

I am trying to do the EZ-Wave (see GitHub), with limeSDR on gnuradio. It uses a Socket PDU to feed the TX channel of the LimeSDR. Everything is fine before transmitting the first packet. Packets are also transmitted fine after that. But When there is no packet and the Socket PDU is waiting for input, the LimeSDR seems te be retransmitting some kind of buffer. Which basically floods the entire Z-Wave band, thus making it impossible to receive something. When doing this with for another sir (hackrf), the TX stops transmitting when there is no data sent to it.

Anyone any idea how to fix this?? I’ve been breaking my head on this for the past week… And really have no ideas left.

See image on what happens after transmitting a packet and waiting for a new packet… It should be clean…

I had the same problem using C++ api. Additionally with packetized transfer not all packets were sent. I ended up streaming continuous stream of zeros when there was no data to transmit.

The bug related to retransmitting old buffer has been recently fixed: