LimeSDR high sample rate time series dropout

Hello all,
I’m using a LimeSDR usb as a RF reciever with GNU radio and have noticed that at high sample rates (40 MHz) that there is a drop out in the IQ series. It seems constistantly spaced at ~12 us and occurs in both reciver channels at the same time so I was thinking it was some sort of buffer issue? Has anyone come across this before and would anyone be able to help? Any advice is welcome, pictures included below:
This is my gnu flowgraph for reference, I have a little transmitter nearby at that frequency.

This is the timeseries. Channels are at different levels because of an antenna length missmatch but notice the vertical lines in the plot.

This is zooming in on one of those lines, where the data is dropping. You can see both channels drop synchronously.


Are you sure you’re not hitting any CPU limitations? Probably you should also use a throttle block.

Thanks for your reply but I found my problem in that I had used the wrong usb cable (2 not 3)! Still getting some data drops but I can live with it for now.

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