Limesdr gr-osmocom latency

Hi ,
I build one two way modem with two limesdr boards in gnuradio , Sample rate for rx and tx is 3 Msample but the problem is , i get 3700ms round trip delay between two board !
I reduced blocks output buffer but it doesn’t make difference on latency (just reduce 100ms) .
I think the problem is gr-osmocom block and limesdr buffers between host driver and fpga.
How i can reduce this buffers to reduce total latency ?

I have the same problem!

i tried first to send with a 600ksamples and I have 16seconds delay… :scream:
Then I sent with a same samples as you (3Msamples) and got the same result… 4seconds! better than before but not acceptable for a real time com :confounded:

How did you solved this problem?( if you solved it?) Is there any possibility that a buffer is too big?


I didn’t have time for more investigation , but this topic may help you: Minimising round-trip latency


Thank you for your answer, i will try le soapyUHD block and all the tips written in this thread.