LimeSDR gnuradio-companion FM 88-108 transmit test


I am very new to LimeSDR (and this forum), and until recently had been experimenting with the HackRF One. I’m working on a project to produce multiple simultaneous FM signals and transmit them.

As a first test, I’d like to make a basic FM transmit test with gnuradio-companion.

My gnuradio-companion version is (Python 3.6.9)

My first taste of LimeSDR is that there seem to be many many settings in Limesuite GUI that I don’t know much about. Is there a document for them which I can read, and in particular things that I should keep in mind for tx-ing in 88-108MHz.

Next, I’d like to try a very basic transmit flowgraph with an antenna connected to the board via a pigtail cable.

I tried doing a basic FM transmit test with the flowgraph I used with HackRF but the received signal seems to have some noise.

One of the reasons for switching from HackRF to LimeSDR is the better resolution of the DAC (12bit), which might help with producing clearer signals (especially when doing multiple carriers).

Any pointers and advice would be great. Thanks!!