LimeSDR gateware reset to version 0, revision 0

This has become an annoyance. But maybe this is self-inflicted. I’m moving conservatively with this device so I didn’t think I was doing anything with the gateware except when I updated. I was running 2.8 but I encountered this issue with the previous version too.

Reflashing is easy enough and thanks for that. What could I be doing to make this happen? Or is it a feature or a bug?

Just want to know how to avoid getting into this state.

In my case it was a faulty USB 3.0 connection.
Moving it to USB 2.0 port fixed my issue though it severely limits my bandwidth.
My investigations when I was having the same issue brought up an external power supply, not having enough juice available on your USB port can produce the same result I understand.

Faulty or a bad USB3 implementation? I recall talk here about early USB3 implementations being broken. Maybe that’s what you mean. Maybe the distinction’s not important. Oh have read that some docking stations for laptops are bad for USB3.

I haven’t had many problems, although there have been a few odd things here and there. Debugging USB requires special hardware. Hard to know if it’s firmware or driver issue.

I need to check the vendor for updates.

Now to find a power supply just to see if that makes things run smoother. And check the voltage range for this thing.

In my case bad drivers with no fix available.

If the driver is bad on Linux then you can file an issue for that. If the hardware implementation is broken then Linux might even be able to remedy that in the driver. But that depends on how bad the hardware implementation is, if it’s really bad there may be no cure.

It’s a hardware limitation. Already worked through and identified.
Stay away from Asmedia based PCI Express cards.
Wouldn’t have helped the rates anyway as the bus itself is barely above USB 2.0 in speed.
Better machine is on order.

Taiwan/China have interesting quality control. Not all companies there, but many. The customer performs Quality Control.

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