LimeSDR gateware mismatch GW: 2.24

Hi everyone,
My LimeSDR-USB board had gateware 2.23 version before. I have downloaded the official gateware code from GitHub and compiled it. When I flashed it to my board, the LimeSuiteGui showed a warning that said my gateware version was 2.24. I do not understand how this is possible since I have used the same code from GitHub, and it was v2.23. Does anyone have any idea why this might have happened? Btw the board is still running fine.

Hi, I wanted to follow up and see if there was a solution to this issue? I am experiencing a similar problem. Thanks!

If you build the bitstream yourself it will be 2.24, because that was the last revision configured in the gateware (2021-08-02).
But if you installed a pre-made binary bitstream the last one released was 2.23 (2020-10-29). And if the tools used to check were pre-made, that is the revision they would expect to find.

After quickly reviewing the changes made between 2.23 and 2.24 on github I suspect that it is safe to totally ignore that warning message.

Looks like my links are out of date:
The recommended gateware can now be found at “” and that is 2.24 but the latest version of limesuite listed was released a year earlier, which is the exact same revision as the one released on github. So the tool that checks the gateware revision was released a year before the current recommended firmware was released. The best solution would be for a new binary of LimeSuite to be released that expects to find 2.24.

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