LimeSDR for CubeSat Missions

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I’m new to this forum because I am part of a cube satellite team interested in using the LimeSDR. My first question is, have any other CubeSat companies used the LimeSDR in their mission? My second question is whether the LimeSDR has the proper temperature specifications to perform in space? My last question is how would you connect the LimeSDR to a CubeSat motherboard?

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Assuming that you mean Pumpkin’s line of single-board computers with ARM or x86 CPU

  1. not known about any, here - @andrewback may know more…
  2. afraid not, without separate proper temperature management, 3 x cube size may be enough
  3. with USB or QPCIe PC/104 module, and proper drivers, maybe

No aware of a cubesat, but there is a LimeSDR on the ISS.

Impossible to say without details of the motherboard, but USB assuming LimeSDR Mini is used for its small size. The PCIe boards are a bit bigger… Note that all the hardware — PCB and FPGA RTL sources — are open, so you’re free to make a CubeSat variant and I suspect you wouldn’t be the only one interested in this.

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Same here as in the other post: I knew I forgot an important ToDo on my list, which is announcing MarconISSta here. If anybody has any questions on the sytem, let me know. We plan to do some experiments where other ground station operators will be included to measure their signal strength from space. I will announce it in the new satellite category!

On the cubesat topic: At TU Berlin we took the LimeSDR as a baseline and modified it for use in space. Instead of the USB interface, we have an SPI interface. Among other things, we included some memory for data storage, power monitoring sysstems and a small microcontroller. At this stage, the system will be only used for spectrum analysis, so only RX is used. It is planned to be launched on a satellite in 2020!

Project webpage:

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