LimeSDR errors in transmission

Dear All
I downloaded example.ini from quick start but whenever I tried to open and load it .i got the following error . kindly suggest what is this issue . I want to transmit GSM ( 925-960 Mhz ) using TX1_1 or TX2_1 port . !

Hi @random,

I need print screen of:

  1. Help -> About
  2. Modules -> Device Info (press GET INFO button before print screen)

Check LO buffer from SXT to SXR and Enable SXR/SXT module


I have 2 questions: 1. How does Help->about become useful while trying to see that LimeSDR
indeed transmits? (And receives the same signal when you connect Tx to
Rx through a cable)
2. Also how does Modules-.> device info help?


It just allows me to identify hardware and software versions, nothing to do with receive/transmit itself.


So there is nothing to change there so as to enable proper transmission and reception of the “same” signal??