LimeSDR Board not recognised in Limesuite

Hi All,
For some reason 2 of my limesdr boards are not being recognised in Limesuite 17.06 through even though my linux machine has detected them:
ja479@LIN-G18-1:~$ sudo LimeUtil --find

  • [LimeSDR-USB, media=USB 3.0, module=STREAM, addr=1d50:6108, serial=0009060B00462722]
  • [LimeSDR-USB, media=USB 3.0, module=STREAM, addr=1d50:6108, serial=0009060A02591010]

Is there a problem with the drivers or limesuite itself?

LimeSuiteGUI and LimeUtil use exactly the same functions to find connections, so if LimeUtil is able to detect your boards, LimeSuiteGUI should to. I see that you are running LimeUtil with ‘sudo’, are you running LimeSuiteGUI with ‘sudo’ too? Maybe permissions on your machine do not allow to access these USB devices.