Limesdr auto calibration fail on pybombs installed gnuradio

Hi everyone
LimeSDR was running fine when I installed limesuite and soapy packages according to the installation guide on the myriad forum but I needed to install some additional modules for the gnuradio so I installed with pybombs. Before the pybombs installed on the grc terminal limesdr was automatically loopback calibrated. After the pybombs There was an error as “LMS7002M calibration values catching disable” What can be wrong? You can check via photos with/without pybombs. And also GRC with pybombs cannot be closed in a normal way. Thanks for any help

Caching should not be used any more as calibration is done on-the-fly by the MCU. The old method which cached values to a local database may give bad results and is likely to be removed soon.

The error where gateware version is detected as 0 is usually due to a bad cable or power supply, else it could be corrupted and need re-flashing.

Thanks Andrew currently it doesnt give a gateware error but I didnt understand exactly about the calibration procedure. So you are suggesting that calibrate via limesuite first than work on gnuradio? and what happens if I change rx freq on gnuradio? calibration fails or not?

I’m suggesting that you never manually perform any sort of calibration process. Delete any calibration cache, do not force the use of this and the driver will perform this automatically via the MCU.

Could you explain the procedure more spesific please? So is it normal to see “LMS7002 calibration values caching disable” info on gnuradio? I didnt understand exactly

Yes, you should see this with all applications unless the caching of calibration values is forcibly enabled, which is something that we would not recommend. In short, ignore the message.

There were no info message saying “[INFO] RX LPF configured” and “[INFO] RX calibration finished” before. Flowgraph behavior changed since then Is this kind a thing that I should work on it or everything seems normal?

Calibration is not something that you should have to concern yourself with. @Zack, does the “RX LPF configured” message suggest a change in behaviour/configuration from before this message was seen? I.e. might it be necessary to change configuration elsewhere?

Thank you Andrew there is also another thing. Even I updated gateware version by LimeUtil --update, gnuradio terminal says gateware version mismatch. Sometimes it doesnt say which is very wierd. It occured after I cleared all drivers, gnuradio, etc and reinstalled them. And also there were no [INFO] Reference: 3.072e7 MHz line before.

If you ever see “found version 0, revision 0” this is likely to due power supply / cable problems. If it seems that some applications expect a different version, where others do not, it is probably that you have more than 1 copy of Lime Suite installed — e.g. on different O/S or from source and package on one — and they are using different libraries.

Hi Andrew I am having serious problems with my limeSDR usb version Currently I cant open self_test.ini file on limeSuiteGUI. even I tried to reset I received errors and there is a failure with loopback I also have problems working on gnuradio How can I reset everything on the board? Is it related with soapy drivers? I can see SoapySDRUtil --find without any issue.