LimeSDR + Android , rasbpi and lcd or other hardware capable of portapack?

Do you think LimeSDR mini + some hardware would have power to make a Portapack handheald- simular device?

  • IQ file replay
  • Microphone FM transmit with CTCSS
  • CTCSS decoder
  • Frequency manager (save & load from SD card, with categories and notes)
  • File manager
  • "Soundboard" wave file player (put 8-bit mono files in SD card /wav directory)
  • ADS-B receiver with map view
  • ADS-B transmitter (aircraft spoof)
  • SSTV transmitter
  • Fully configurable jammer
  • POCSAG transmitter
  • POCSAG receiver/decoder
  • Morse transmitter (FM tone and CW)
  • OOK transmitter for common remote encoders (PT2262, doorbells, remote outlets, some garage doors, ...)
  • RDS (Radio Data System) PSN, RadioText and Time groups transmitter
  • Meteorological radiosonde receiver for M10 and M2K2...
  • AFSK receiver
  • AFSK transmitter (Bell202...)
  • Nuoptix DTMF sync transmitter (quite specific but can be useful in some theme parks :) )
  • TouchTunes jukebox universal remote (by Notpike)
  • LCR (Language de Commande Routier) message generator
  • Street lighting control transmitter (CCIR tones)
  • "Play Dead" in case of emergency
  • Fully configurable RF signal generator
  • RSSI audio output as pitch (for direction finding)

Can a android mobile do the the simular things like HackRF + Portapack or do we need someting like a Rasbpi 3?