LimeRFE - No RX signal RWB1000 / HAM bands

I have a LimeRFE that appears to have no RX signal through the WB1000 / HAM bands. I do get a signal through the WB4000 band.

Probing around the board, the problem appears to be around U66, which is an GALI-74+ LNA. I see the input signal on pin 1, but no output signal or DC on pin 3 (it’s 0V). I can see 5V on the topside of L7. See pic here:

Any ideas? Replace that IC? Its datasheet says the MTTF is 500 years :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’d check out L7 first - there should be 5V at the output of the amp, and there’s zero. That suggests L7 is open or not soldered down.

Hi srcejon,

Thank you for your detailed description of this issue.
Based on what you’ve explained, it seems like the possible problems could be:

  1. Issue with L7: It might be broken or one of its two pads is unsoldered.
  2. Issue with U66: It could be damaged if LimeRFE was operated outside recommended conditions.
    Most likely problem is in L7!

To check if inductor is properly soldered or damaged, you can use a regular Ohm meter. If turns out that there’s no broken connection between PIN3 of GALI-74+ and top pad of L6, then most likely you’ll need to replace GALI-74+.