LimeRFE 12V Connector

Where can I find the info, which type the plug for the 12V connector (J23) for the LimeRFE is? As there are plugs with different diameters available, the right dimension is important!

I do not own the hardware, so I can only say what I would do if it was me:
I’d goto
Search for “LimeRFE”
Click on the hardware, … ponder … normally I’d expect to see a BOM (Bill of Materials) in one of the folders, but there is none there.

Oh well time for plan B, click on hardware/1v31/PDF/LimeRFE_1v31_Schematic.pdf.pdf and on page 3 of the Schematic it shows connector J23 with the outer shell indicated as being ground (pin2) and the inside pin of the connector as being +12 volts (pin1) and the part used was a RAPC712X. And a quick search in a random search engine on that part number gives the following:

Industry Recognized Mating Diameter 2.50mm ID (0.098"), 5.50mm OD (0.217")
Actual Diameter 0.098" (2.50mm ID), 0.248" (6.30mm OD)
Number of Positions/Contacts 2 Conductors, 3 Contacts

Exact dimensions for the “jack” are at

So you would need a “plug” connector with a 2.5 mm (0.098") inner barrel diameter (for the +12 volts) and a 5.50mm (0.217") outer barrel diameter (for ground).

Thank you mzs. This ist exactly the info I wanted.

73 de OE1YVW