LimeQuickTest Failed to upload wfm file?

I installed DragonOS and finally got rid of all my old errors but 1 osmocom sink gnuradio error still remains:

e[1me[31m[ERROR] Tx Calibration: MCU error 5 (Loopback signal weak: not connected/insufficient gain?)e[0m

I wanted to run the LimeQuickTest to see what might be wrong and gitcloned the LimeSDR-USB repo on Myriad github but can’t get the W-CDMA file to upload? Should I put those waveform files in a special directory or something? Is the LimeSDR-USB quick test the same as the LimeQuickTest?

Just use LimeQuickTest. The old manual procedure which uses LimeSuiteGUI and waveform files is deprecated. Make sure the SDR is cold and there is nothing connected to the RF ports when you run the test.