LimePCIe and Jetson NX/AGX

Hi all,

I am reaching to see if anyone has had and success or problems in compiling the LimePCIe on a ARM device, specifically a NVIDIA Jetson? The Jetson AGX has a x8 PCIe interface and was looking to utilize that device and a LimePCIe to build something similar to an Airwave-T. Any gotchas using it on a SBC?? or any words of advice? Currently doing the research and will see if i can purchase one in the near future…Kids, school and work take a lot of time of out my day…lol.


I’ve also thought this might make for an interesting combination and cannot think of any reason why it would not work. May need to just check that the PCIe slot has sufficient power budget, but the LimeSDR-PCIe will consume anything like e.g. a GPU. It does also have an external 12VDC input jack.