LimeNET Micro question

On this new bit of kit I see a GPS antenna connection, is this a GPSDO built in or just for location?
Also I see trx lableling, so it has it’s own internal T/R switching?
If yes to both very exciting news indeed.


Not fully up to speed on the details and would have to check, but I think this is for when you have cellular duplexers in the path so you can operate full duplex — without any transmit/receive switching. Of course, for others uses you wouldn’t have these configured.

The GPSDO is very exciting all in itself, no need for an external reference when you have a GPS antenna hooked up.
Nothing like having your radio lockled to 1/100000 of a Hz or better.
Any idea what the spec is on that?
My Trimble locks 10MHz to 23 to the -12th Hz after a 10 hour warm up.

Not at present, but more details should be available pretty soon.

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