LimeNET Micro locked-up, all LEDs locked on green

Hi all, was pointed here by Crowd Supply - looks like I need help here to confirm the board is faulty and arrange an RMA - I’ll move the related post from two days ago to the bottom here!:slight_smile:

From: Returns
Date: Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 12:32 AM
Subject: Re: [Support: Return request (SS2NCT)] 91150 #RMA00002478
Hi Noah,
Sorry to hear that, but thanks for letting us know!
LimeNET Support is provided via the forums (link below) and the good thing about posting there is that others may have encountered similar issues and be able to
offer suggestions also.
Please have a member of the Lime team confirm that your board is faulty, and we can arrange an RMA.

Post from two days ago:
LNM arrived last week and was working great till this morning - really happy with it and eager to work with it more. It was powered via wall-wart-USB to micro-USB - everything cool. This morning I switched that to laptop-USB to micro-USB - that worked fine last week when I was setting up the raspi. This morning… uh-oh…

The LEDs were kind of flickering pitifully when the micro-USB plug was in certain positions… Switched back to the wall-wart-USB to micro-USB - basically nothing, some feeble flickers…? Now tried the 5V DC plug - all six LEDs are on rock-solid green, an occasional pop of red on LED1. Basically looks completely locked up - no action on the LEDs at all, just solid green green green…

Can ssh into the raspi and things seem kinda ok there, at least with the raspi…

Hi all, I guess where we’re at right now is blocked on this step from Crowd Supply:

Please have a member of the Lime team confirm that your board is faulty, and we can arrange an RMA.

Any thoughts on how to get this confirmation from the Lime team?


@Zack, could you help diagnose and confirm if RMA is required.

Thanks guys, just getting caught up here - will copy over a reply from another thread:)

Thanks Andrew, sounds good! No worries, we’re all under enough stress now too - let’s all stay healthy:) Was super happy and having fun with the LNM when it was going - looking forward to experimenting with it more!:slight_smile:

Let me know what I can do to help, Stay healthy, Cheers,

Oh, and one more note - we’re pretty much locked out of the office here right now and the LNM is in my desk drawer there :grinning: We’ll getter all worked out in the end, no worries - steady as she goes :+1:

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Hi everyone, here comes a blast from the past. :grinning: Believe it or not, may soon have access to my office desk again and can get my hands on my LNM! :open_mouth:

No idea how things are on your side, hope everyone is safe and healthy! Does it make sense to start thinking about me packing-up the LNM and shipping it off to you for repair/replacement/etc?


Hello @noahhsmith, @andrewback,

RMA it please. Sorry for inconvenience.