LimeNET-micro fails to start up?

Thanks, Zack. Appreciated.

I’ve contacted Crowd Supply requesting the RMA. So far, no answer.

Got my RMA…all tests green! Time to jump in and do some programming.


hello… please I also have similar problem… my PoE power rating is input 100-200V _ 50/60Hz 1.0A … output 54V 0.65A … And usb power rating of input 100 - 240V 50/60Hz output DC 5V _ 3.1A … which is more ideal power supply to use…

Which power supply is more ideal

. I received my LimeNET-Micro and it does not appear to be working.

I have a v2.1 Micro with the rPi compute stick installed. I have flashed a microSD card with the latest raspbian. I have a keyboard connected to the USB port and a monitor on the HDMI port. On application of power, no signal on HDMI, keyboard doesn’t respond. I’m powering using USB. LED6 and LED1 are solid green. LED3 is flashing red/green, LED5 is red, and LED2 and 4 are off. What do these indicators mean.

I will appreciate if there is a video for beginners… The links the and documents are plenty and not straight forward…

I am using win10 OS… am using the LimeNET-micro for GSM personal telco network project with the capacity to integrate into telco company


Could you please make a photo of RPi compute module (both sides: top and bottom).

Uploading: IMG_20210224_102059_726.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20210224_102155_518.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20210224_102156_680.jpg…

upon application of dc 12v-2A by usb the board receives by leds 5,4 and 3 giving steady red, 2 and 1 is off and 6 steady green… after some responses given by @andrewback on the forum a applied dc 12v-2.5A by change j27 A to B i.e external leds 5,4,3,2,1 gave steady amber whiles led 6 was steady green but there was a smokey smell on the board. i removed the power supply and re-apply it but the is no led or onboard fun response… kindly help… i suggest a video solution for novice was be more idea sir… regards kwame from ghana @Zack

LimeNET Micro needs a 5VDC power supply and not 12V, hence given this and the smell you observed, it sounds as though the board may now be damaged. Details are on the wiki:

My previous comment was that a 1A current supply is insufficient and not that you should be applying higher voltages.

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please how do i fix it…

how do i fix it @andrewback. i have an electronics shop around in my tech hub ecosystem

I’m afraid this could be a little bit like asking how you fix a car after having set it on fire, but hopefully damage will be limited to just power supply circuitry. Schematics are on GitHub and you could provide these to an engineer, along with the board.

This should help them figure out what has been damaged.

@andrewback please i will need new board the comes with preinstalled osmocom gsm suite and a power official power supply from crowd supply… how do i get it please?

There isn’t an option with Osmocom software pre-installed or an official power supply accessory. Though for power I might suggest using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and any suitably compliant Ethernet switch should suffice.

@andrewback and respectfully what is the power ratings for the PoE Sir… any recomendation please