LimeNet Micro fails to boot - RMA Request

Unfortunately, after a few boot on, one of the LimeNet Micro just received doesn’t start any more… No LEds light on and I measure a higher current around 1.8 A on the external 5V DC then normal operation 0.8-0.9 A.

Do you have any other ideas, or is RMA the only option?

Michel, HB9DUG

Hi @hb9dug,

Could you make a top photo of the board with all the cables connected and share here, please.
Try to remove RPi CM3 module and power the board on. What about LEDs?

Hello Zack,

Thank you for your prompt answer.

I have two LimeNet Micro. One is working nicely (see
[]) so it is not related to a wrong hook up of the cables and jumpers as the second one is configured exactly as the working one. Of course, I have already try to remove the RPI CM3 module without success.

I should say that the defective one has been working correctly. It is only after a few switch on over 2 - 3 days that it didn’t boot up with no LEDs on.


Hi @hb9dug,

Just try to remove and place back power source selection jumper. Just in case… If no success, contact Crowd Supply for replacement.
Put issue description in the box please when sending the boardback.