LimeNet-Micro - boot issue


Hi There,

I started to play with LimeNet-Micro last weekend after receiving the gps antenna three weeks ago. I am stuck at " 1.2 Flashing eMMC or uSD card". Jumper J14 is on and power is from usb giving 2.1 Amps. I am suspecting an issue @ FPGA. The board leds are: Led1 and Led6 solid green. Led 5 solid red and Led 3 changing to green/red. No video, no network activity. I pushed SB1 without any visible change.
I wonder if there is any troubleshooting guideline based on the leds status.

Thank you in advance,



Could you be more specific on this, please. What step you are failing at?

FPGA and failing to flash eMMC or uSD card is nothing to do with FPGA.


Hi Zack,

Thank you for your quick reply. I just placed the SD with the latest image created by Etcher, power on and the leds light as described. I not even see anything in the video not even start the flashing process at all. Pressed SB1, nothing happened which drives to suspect in the FPGA booting routine is failing or something.



Hi @ClaudeMT,

RPi Compute Module shipped with LimeNet-Micro got it’s own flash memory on board. Hence you have to program eMMC memory. SD card is overridden by eMMC on-board memory in this case and this is why RPi doesn’t boot. You have to follow steps in precisely.


Thank you Zack for your response. My bad, I incorrectly assume that this is like the LimeSDR. Now I am trying to install ubuntu…

Thanks, Claudio


Hi @ClaudeMT,

You can use LimeNet-Micro board as LimeSDR too. See for more information. In this case you can connect the board to your PC for instance. Note please that data throughput will be less than LimeSDR-USB or LimeSDR-Mini due to USB2 communication.