Lime sdr usb

I have started to use lime sdr usb, i record the data via hdsdr but theres no i/q data when finished?
when i switch to my hack rf theres no problem.
the rx freq is example 1160,000,000

i was warned not to touch limesdr usb but thats opinions but so far its the case


Do you have the plug-in installed?

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Morning Andrew ,

Hi this is very difficult to explain X band weather satellites,

1/when i use hack rf , i launch hdsdr and boxes appear IE hackrf.dll which choose.
2/it goes to program and records the data IE wave file , i then read data from my other program on next stage to decode and it decodes the data.

OK, so when i use lime usb again go to hdsdr it asks for lime.dll which i choose , it records wave file but when i go to my program its blank data!?

its not the program i use to decode.
my question is can that happen t record but it doesn’t grab data

so i can see signal fine coming in it records but my program says nothing there but there is?


Hello john20,

I just checked out data recording using HDSDR. By using HDSDR own recorder I recorded RF,IF and AF data in wave audio file and using HDSDR playback function it played back the samples exactly as they were recorded so it is working correctly.

Are you using the same sample rate (Bandwidth->Input) as HackRF? Are you using same recorded settings for both boards?

Ive just checked this forum i did reply back but not sure were it went ? mouser are sending me another one to replace this faulty one as it is faulty

If by see the signal fine coming in, you mean that the application is receiving fine with the LimeSDR hardware, but then with capture you are getting an empty file, this suggests an application/configuration error. I cannot see how an SDR hardware fault would result in a situation whereby you can monitor in realtime fine, but not record.