Lime SDR UK Shipping


So as I understand it the LimeSDR will be shipped from HK to the UK then to the US and then back to me in the UK.

Why can’t everyone in the UK have their LimeSDR shipped direct from the UK and avoid extra delays and customs charges.

I did pose this question directly via email about 6 weeks ago but I am still waiting for the answer.



I think all EU Customers should be shipped direct from the UK.


Hi @bluenoise, @SabineT,

All fulfilment is being handled by Crowd Supply in the US, who combine the various parts for orders, package them and produce the accompanying paperwork etc.

If you could please direct any order enquiries to Crowd Supply, as these forums are just used for technical discussions.



Shame, bit of a long way round isn’t it. SabineT’s idea sounded sensible to me.

My reasons for posting here should be obvious, direct comms failed with Lime, and little point asking Crowd Supply not to receive them, better asking Lime not to send them to Crowd Supply but direct to the local customers. But if it has to be that way…


I second that EU shipment should be done from the UK. In addition to the waste of resources there would be no customs procedure for EU destinations, which might be give us some headaches with this kind of equipment.

How about some comments from lime on this?

And just in case shipment is done from the UK via the US: Can you please provide us with the proper customs code, so we can pick up our sdrs without lengthy discussions with the local customs officers?

Crowd Supply do far more than simply host crowdfunding campaigns and also take care of things such as packaging orders and fulfilment etc. Which might sound simple enough, but the reality is far from it and they are set up for handling all the logistics. As such it won’t be possible at this point to ship orders out of the UK.

So what will the customs implications for EU customers be given that the manufacturer is UK based, the integration is done in Asia, and the shipping is from the US?

@gerryk None. You will import from the US. In Germany that means import duties plus import VAT. Usually this amounts to abou 20 to 22 percent, depending on the kind og good you import. Shipping from the UK would have meant to pay UK VAT, which is 20 percent, so there is not much of a difference.

@andrewback Can you please find out the customs number for the lime sdr. This would be a great help in dealing with customs, just in case the shipment is not declared properly.

@jherbert I’ll ask the Crowd Supply guys and will get back to you.

@jherbert I’m told it will mostly likely be HS code 8517.62.0050 (Machines For The Reception, Conversion & Transmission Or Regeneration Of Voice, Images Or Other Data, Including Switching & Routing Apparatus, Others).

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Thanks for clearing this up. I suspect a few people like me were blind to the fact that shipping from the UK was going to incur the addition of UK VAT. I wouldn’t pretend to understand the VAT trail in a situation like this.

Can I ask who I ask to find out my position in the queue ?

If you could please contact Crowd Supply:

@andrewback Thank you, this is most helpful.