Lime sdr tutorial needed

I need complete tutorial to setup limesdr. I already found basic driver installation tutorial. I installed drivers and limesuite. I also found out that limesuite recognized limesdr. After that I don’t know how to use it so I’m bit confused. I know I need to calibrate it, test loop back and choose channels and stuff. Of course all after driver install is unkown to me.

So I’m am asking complete tutorial untill I end up to sdr console v3 or hdsdr whatever.

Hi. I chose to build all the components from source and (generally) followed the steps from this page

To ease the installation process, I skipped creating the source and install folder trees, so basically I just used cmake … without the -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX lines.

I ended with a working version of gqrx. After that, I compiled and installed sdrangel from github and now my limesdr mini works with RX and TX.

No need to calibrate the hardware as this is done automatically in the background.

LimeQuickTest will allow you to verify the hardware is operating correctly, and now supports both LimeSDR Mini and the larger LimeSDR USB.

I prefer using windows. I’m just confused beacause all of the information is in small pieces.

Same Here!! Limesuite doesn’t make sense for use with the mini, I really would have rather purchased the regular LimeSDR for $599 then this Mini for 299.99 that just heats up to 130deg in it’s small metal case that came with it.

Well mini is well hmm, mini. Try sticking raspberry pi heatsinks to it. Even bigger limesdr heats up a bit before even using it (well still no idea how to use it!). But tutorial would be nice!

@Celpp @travisweb,

While this may be for the LimeSDR, the techniques can be used on the Mini:

…And if you don’t think that syncs up too well then @andrewback should have the team add some Lime-Mini examples in there, too…

Keep us advised what you think on those tutorials -

73 de Marty, KN0CK