Lime SDR Mini with DC DC CONVERTER broken

I have a Lime SDR Mini with DC DC CONVERTER broken. The DCDC is LXDC55KAAA-205. In fact it is one of the capacitor on the DCDC was lost.
From the DCDC spec one capacitor is 10uF and the another one is 22uF.
The problem is I don’t know which one is 10uF and which one is 22uF.
With the following picture can anyone help to point out is the left one 10uF or 22uF?

Thanks a lot!

@Zack perhaps you could advise.

Hi @justin,

Not sure if I understand what capacitors do you mean. Those 10uF and 22uF are external ones from typical application circuit, although it looks like you are referring to highlighted in red:

If yes, then I have no idea what values are of those capacitors while Murata do not provide internal schematic.

Hi @Zack

That is just what I want to know.
I have found the answer from Murata datasheet. The left one is the COUT which is 22 uF.