Lime SDR (Mini), maximum allowed SWR

I wonder if there is a risk of damaging the hardware when transmitting with the LimeSDR or LimeSDR Mini at full power (about 5 mW), when no antenna is connected. Is there a relevant increase in heat dissipation depending on the transmission power and/or standing wave ratio (SWR), or is it mostly constant?

I have run em over night with full power , and without antenna. Nothjing is happens, later i have send, and tune up the signal to 2W with an china transmitt pa. while sending i use an zetagi rx/tx automatic switch. but the receiver of limme is an dead one, need a pre amp on rx too…

Apain in the ass that i cant upload images here.

I’m not sure if I understood well what you meant. Does “nothing happens” mean there was no problem? But later you write the receiver is dead?

Maybe you can rephrase your answer (or post bilingual in English/German).

Is there any official specs on whether the LimeSDR (Mini) can be operated without a load?

I know it’s generally a bad idea with any Tx… @Zack, is there an official line on this?

It is recommended to always keep the TX line loaded (antenna, other amplification stage).
Nonetheless, you can leave TX output “open” without damaging the output stage of the transceiver.