Lime SDR Issues with SDR#

Trying to use Lime SDR with SDR Sharp but the frequency manager selections as well as the Zoom FFT (IF, MPX and Audio) FFT’s do not work. Lastly, when viewing main FFT in 40 Mhz bandwidth there are a lot of artifacts in the band. Looking to return for a refund with an RMA.

Can you please run LimeQuickTest and post the output.

Use forum search function. You can find posts about SDR# issues with different hardware plugins. In short: your software problems have nothing to do with LimeSDR hardware (not all hardware is equaly supported). For quiet 40MHz bandwidth you need good or excelent band pass filter (BPF) and very quiet sorroundings (no LED lights, choper PSU…).

Whatever the s/w or h/w reason…I need a h/w tool to work with those “Zoom FFT” capabilities as well as frequency manager. Also I am running the Lime SDR with a military aircraft aviation grade band pass filter that filters 130 Mhz and below and 175 Mhz and above.

Use super cheap RTL-SDR compatible device if you wish ALL SDR# features for start (maximum 3.2MS/s). Airspy is also supported but only 10MS/s. Try to find help on SDR# forum.

Been using Airspy for years but looking for more bandwidth such as Lime SDR. At this point I just need to return unit and look into other options.

Requesting someone from the Lime Support Team to approve an RMA or general return of SDR. Unit does not support all FFT functions I need when running in SDR# and unit has spurs in the band I use. Thank you!

This sounds like product is not faulty, but doesn’t do what you’d like with the software you had in mind. Can’t see that this is an RMA to be authorised due to failure, but rather instead suspect you need to contact Crowd Supply and simply ask to return for a refund.