Lime mini low power

My lime mini RF output is down by approximately 10db any body got any ideas was woking find did update then the problem started I have rolled back the firmware but still the same

my lime mini was working fine then portsdown software updated now my rf output is approximately 10 db less i have put the old software back in the portsdown still the same and tried with other transmitting software and still no satisfactory results any body got any ideas or is the out put device faulty

No idea, but why don’t you try another software program like SDR console V3 (free download).
I am not sure about the output power i have measured at 2400MHz (i use it as Oscar 100 transceiver), but i am using a chinese driver to get the signal to 20dBm so its maybe 5 dBm or so.
73’s PE1RTC

Can you also run LimeQuickTest, which will perform loopback tests, and post the results.