Lime Mini Hangs on SDR Console, not on SDRAngel

I have been using Lime Mini SDR for over 2 months working QO-100 Geostationery satellite and facing some issues.
A. Many a times when I am speaking it hangs, I will have to restart SDR Console S/w. I am using V3.0.22. Lime is powered with an externally powered USB hub. This happens at random.
B. 250Khz above and below my TX freq, I get a strong carrier. As a result the signal power gets distributed.

Couple of days ago I installed SDRAngel and is working fine, no hanging and no spikes. Draw back using this is there is no Geostationary beacon lock facility as available in SDR Console. RF Loop back test carried out and passed.
Can some one let me know a solution.

Do you have cooling? If not, may be that it gets too hot.

Not sure about this, but maybe @Zack could advise.

Ah, well if this is the case, both issues look like software problems and in which case you need to report this to the application developer.

Yes, I have a FAN over the Lime Mkni it maintains 4 deg temp below the ambient shack temp. May be Simon Brown will get this message through this forum.

I was going to suggest that you could post to the SDR console list but it looks like you already did:

Issue solved.
It is over 3 days and Lime Mini has been working well - not hanging at all on SDR Console.The 250 kHz spikes on either sides of the center frequency has gone.
As suggested by Segi -DG9BFC, I removed the TX offset of 250kHz on Console under Calibration menu and carried out TX calibration. Version update has not been carried out so far.

I observe a message “3cm” next to the TX button. on the DSP TX panel. This vanishes on when TX mode is selected. This messages does not change at all. What does this signify ? When processor is selected changes to “3Cm Proc”
Thanks to one and all