Lime Mini 2.0 Unwanted Transmit Carrier

Hi All,

I’m new to the LimeSDR platform but is it possible to remove the TX carrier when not transmitting?

I’m trying to transmit in bursts, and it seems every time I’m not actively transmitting the carrier is just popping up above the noise floor. Just activating the stream causes the carrier to be present.

I am running the calibration however it doesn’t seem to be doing a good enough job.

I’ve seen posts that talk about playing with the DC Corrector sliders in Lime Suite, and rolling their own calibration procedure, as well others that just say to manually enable/disable the front end. But those have not been successful for me. The latter works, however the time between bursts is small enough that timing the shutting off of the front end wasn’t viable.

All these posts were from several years ago, so I was under the assumption that given the elapsed time any issues should have been addressed by now.

So is it possible to get rid of the carrier or is this something that is just to be expected with the LimeSDR?