Lime AC Case with LimeSDR Mini 2.0 now machined to fit correctly

I purchased a LimeSDR Mini 2.0 and the Lime AC Case from CrowdSupply and then received an email “Addressing Case Incompatibility with Lime SDR Mini 2.0” [1]. As noted, the case does not fit the 2.0 board. No worries, you just flip the bottom plate and tape it shut.

Fast forward a bit … I decided to go fix this. I butchered the bottom plate (mainly to remove the metal where it should not be). I maybe went too far - however, I had enough room to place a thermal sticky pad on the IC on the back of the board (it’s the IC that required milling down the metal somewhat). Anyway, bottom line, it all fits now and nothing shorts and it’s got no tape on it - only the normal screws. Heat seems to be dissipating cleanly. Yippee.


I never said it was pretty.

73’s Martin W6LHI/G8LHI

[1] Lime AC Case - Addressing Case Incompatibility with Lime SDR Mini 2.0 | Crowd Supply