Laptop cpu/gpu advice for DSP / limesdr


While waiting for the limesdr mini to show up at my doorstep. A fellow ham was kind enough to lend my his limesdr to play with. So far i only used some rtl sticks before. Been using linux for several years but would call myself a beginner in gnuradio.

Although my current laptop only has usb 2.0 i easily manage to cripple the 2540M in it with some flow-graphs, custom blocks and now also the higher bandwidths.

No doubt aside, it’s time to replace it.

The current models i’m looking at are seem to come in
The 8 gen 8850u or
The 7 gen 7700HQ

The gpu in mind offered would be a NVidea
MX150 or

Some thoughts, advise and experiences would be appreciated.

Greets Paul