Keep limeSDR configuration while starting LimsSuiteGUI

After exiting an application such as gnuradio and disconnecting the limeSDR-USB but leaving it powered by the USB connection, starting up LimeSuiteGUI and connecting sets the limeSDR to a default configuration. Is there an easy way to keep the start up configuration while starting up LimeSuiteGUI? Otherwise, I could add a LMS_SaveConfig call to gr-limeSDR. I think that this would be helpful in troubleshooting and tweaking limeSDR configurations.

I could be wrong, but I think it is possibly what this option is for:

ENABLE_REMOTE - “Remote Connection support for testing”

To allow you to connect via Lime Suite to a device which is already opened by an SDR application. Maybe @Zack or one of his colleagues could advise.