Keep limeSDR configuration while starting LimsSuiteGUI

After exiting an application such as gnuradio and disconnecting the limeSDR-USB but leaving it powered by the USB connection, starting up LimeSuiteGUI and connecting sets the limeSDR to a default configuration. Is there an easy way to keep the start up configuration while starting up LimeSuiteGUI? Otherwise, I could add a LMS_SaveConfig call to gr-limeSDR. I think that this would be helpful in troubleshooting and tweaking limeSDR configurations.

I could be wrong, but I think it is possibly what this option is for:

ENABLE_REMOTE - “Remote Connection support for testing”

To allow you to connect via Lime Suite to a device which is already opened by an SDR application. Maybe @Zack or one of his colleagues could advise.

Interesting and thanks. However, I am not sure if that is what I am looking for. I guess that an option on the command line or in the “Options” menu item that starts LimeSuiteGUI and connects to the limeSDR in it’s current state would be useful. Is that what chip–> GUI is inteded for? If so, it does not appear to work as advertised. I should confirm once again that the former statement is indeed true.

This retrieves the register set from the chip.