January 24th, 2017: LimeSuite.dll Errors

Since I last used the GitHub code on September 26th, 2016 the LimeSuite.dll has these new issues:

  1. Bandwidths less than 10 Msps have very bad imaging, this does not change when the gains are adjusted.
  2. With high gain the output is 0 - no usable data, no overloaded data, just 0.
  3. As Marty and others noticed HF does not work with my software and GQRX.

On my side none of the LimeSDR support code has changed, all that has happened is a 1.2s board has new drivers and firmware. The same issues are seen with v1.4 hardware boards. I will wait to resolve these issues before making general support available for the new v1.4 boards.

I am available to help via e-mail and SKYPE as ‘sdr-radio.com’ .

Hi @SimonG4ELI

How are you configuring LMS7002M transceiver? Are you uploading an ini file?


Ah - yes I am, using the one from September 2016. I seem to remember configuring this with Ricardas - I have forgotten how to make a new .ini - all clues very welcome :slight_smile: .

You may use the one from LimeSDR-USB Quick Test.

Direct link is here.

New ini file may be created using LimeSuite.

Thanks - will try that this afternoon - must get a shower, walk the dog, lunch, pay tax :frowning: etc.


It tried the suggested ini - made no difference I am afraid. To show how bad the imaging is please look at the screenshot below:

The top half of the waterfall has a rate of 10 Msps (good), bottom half 7.5 Msps (bad) - big image in the center.

The gain problem still exists.

High-resolution: [Clicky Here]

Could you go though the LimeSDR-USB Quick Test to test basic board functionality, please.
Also take a look at Josh post.


Josh Blum mentioned that one of the registers that controls the HF tuning has been flipped and that’s creating the issues for HF not working - - Check out the thread here ----> LimeSDR under SDR-Console

I hope that helps - keep me advised if you have a breakthrough there.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

Andrew, Zack, Anyone,

LimeSDR-USB Quick Test works fine but see below.

Images in the waterfall - running the LimeSDR-USB Quick Test program I see the same images with a 5Msps sample rate but not at 10Msps. I compare the FFT Viewer with my own waterfall at both sample rates - exactly the same.

So - this problem is either in the Firmware or LimeSuite.dll . It’s important to get this fixed as many users will want sample rates < 10 Msps :slight_smile: .

I saw Josh’s posting, I assume he is a Lime employee and is referring to an update in the Lime git repository, so I’ll have a dig in there.

I’m available almost any time via SKYPE sdr-radio.com timezone is GMT at the moment (west Cornwall).