Issuies with channel gains

Good morning! I*m working on a project using LimeSDR device. During my field experiment i got a problem. I am able to see the signal of my radiostation[462,225 MHz] just within 50 meters, after that the signal disappears. And every few steps its level significantly decreases. I decided that it is because of device gains. When i tried to regulate gain - it only worked for channel A. When i looked through the API, i found out that PGA(0x0119) LNA TIA gains are set to 0x0113. Looking through LMS7002 Params i found out that there was no address for the 2nd channel. Or maybe i don’t understand smth. The question is how can i tell the device to set gain to Channels A&B simultaneously?
My guess is i have to add registor address here :
public LimeSDRDevice()
_gcHandle = GCHandle.Alloc(this);
dataMutex = new Mutex();

        PGA_gain.address = 0x0119;
        PGA_gain.msb = 4;
        PGA_gain.lsb = 0;
        PGA_gain.defaultValue = 10; = "G_PGA_RBB";
        PGA_gain.tooltip = "This is the gain of the PGA";

// + the same for 2nd channel
TIA_gain.address = 0x0113;
TIA_gain.msb = 1;
TIA_gain.lsb = 0;
TIA_gain.defaultValue = 6; = “G_TIA_RFE”;
TIA_gain.tooltip = “Controls the Gain of the TIA”;
// + the same for 2nd channel
LNA_gain.address = 0x0113;
LNA_gain.msb = 9;
LNA_gain.lsb = 6;
LNA_gain.defaultValue = 21; = “G_LNA_RFE”;
LNA_gain.tooltip = “Controls the gain of the LNA”;
// + the same for 2nd channel
CMIX_BYP_RXTSP.address = 0x040C;
CMIX_BYP_RXTSP.defaultValue = 0; = “CMIX_BYP_RXTSP”;
CMIX_BYP_RXTSP.tooltip = “CMIX bypass”;

If i am right, please , give me its registor address . If not, please, advice me how to fix it. Thank you!

channel selection for SPI communications is done by register 0x0020[1:0] (MAC) bits.
MAC=1 : channel A
MAC=2 : channel B
MAC=3 : channels A&B simultaneous, WRITE ONLY. Reading attempts will return undefined values.

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Thanks alot!