Issue with libLimeSuite 19.04-1

Hi all,

I am using a LimeSDR USB. Using the LimeSuiteAPI I made a program that send a CW by the Tx1 port and receives the signal using both Rx channels (Tx and Rx are connected using a power splitter and a few attenuators). The program is used to measure phase difference between channels.

I was working with the version liblimesuite19.01-1 for some time, and the program was working well (I am using ubuntu 18.04). After updating the libLimeSuite to the last version 19.04-1 the received signal have some “failure” (the signal gets “stucked” in a constant value for some time or some amount of samples).
Pictures of the received signal RX1 (I&Q) for each of the libLimeSuite versions attached.

Any idea why the last version of API produces this “failure” on the received signals?




Hi @mauro,

Do you have a possibility to share source code?