Issue when receiving multiple channels

I’m having difficulty receiving on two channels simultaneously, using the SoapySDR Python API.
The code used for data capture is shown below. When I capture a single channel and decode the FM broadcast channel at that frequency, I get clear and crisp audio. If I capture two channels, and try to decode one, I get recognizable audio, but very noisy, garbled, and sampled at the wrong rate. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

import SoapySDR
from SoapySDR import *
import numpy as np
import pickle
import sys

output_file = sys.argv[1]
num_channels = int(sys.argv[2])

# Configure receiver parameters
sample_rate = 10e6
center_freq = 92.5e6
antenna = 'LNAL'
bandwidth = 4e6
gain = 40.
n_samples = int(sample_rate * 3)
sdr = SoapySDR.Device( {'driver':'lime'} )
channel_list = []
buffer_list = []
for channel in range(num_channels):
	buffer_list.append(np.array([0]*n_samples, np.complex64))
	sdr.setSampleRate(SOAPY_SDR_RX, channel, sample_rate)
	sdr.setFrequency(SOAPY_SDR_RX, channel, "RF", center_freq)
	sdr.setFrequency(SOAPY_SDR_RX, channel, "BB", 0)
	sdr.setAntenna(SOAPY_SDR_RX, channel, antenna)
	sdr.setBandwidth(SOAPY_SDR_RX, channel, bandwidth)
	sdr.setGain(SOAPY_SDR_RX, channel, gain)

# Initialize the stream
rxStream = sdr.setupStream(SOAPY_SDR_RX, SOAPY_SDR_CF32,channel_list)
status = sdr.activateStream(rxStream) #start streaming
if( status != 0 ):
	print('** activateStream error: ',status)
mtu_size = sdr.getStreamMTU(rxStream)

# Read some short buffers to flush the pipeline
for i in range(4):
	sr = sdr.readStream(rxStream, buffer_list, mtu_size)
		print('** Read error %d '%sr.ret)

# Now read a block of data to keep
sr = sdr.readStream(rxStream, buffer_list, n_samples)
	print('** Read error %d '%sr.ret)

data = {'sample_rate':sample_rate, 'center_freq':center_freq, 'antenna':antenna, 'buffers':buffer_list}
with open(output_file,'wb') as fd:
	pickle.dump( data, fd )


Try to receive the same signal with both channels and see if you still get noisy audio in one of them.

My test has two identical antennas connected to the two RX antenna ports (LHAL), so the signal should be nearly identical in each channel.