Is this fixable? new lime sdr mini problem

here is a video of the my new problem::
you may have to scroll down on the video to see my hand movements!

as you can see my lime now produces many spirous signals all over the place and has become ultra sensitive to any touch or movement of my computer.

it was not like this before and i can only imagine i have damaged something.

i would hope its fixable by replacing some parts, does anyone have any ideas of how to go about diagnosing the problem?

my setup,limesdr on 3.0 cable 1meter long with a custom 3d printed case with some home made tin shelding.

the device now produces loads of noise and signals everywhere.
here are some photos of me testing it on fm,the signals you see are new the lime did not produce this amount of noise and signals before,again the device is shelded.


edit!my lime device passes all limequicktests fine

do all limemini devices do this?