Is there a LimeSDR 3D Model?

I wanted to know if there is a 3D model available for the lime SDR before I have to go and install KiCAD for a day and try and get it out from there (not sure if the model is in full 3D there anyway).


Not sure, but maybe @Ignas might know… Note also that it’s also only available as an Altium design at this point and not KiCAD yet.

If there is a model that would be great. I am trying to get a case design for this, and a 3D model would be helpful.

I take it you’ve seen: ?

check this fork of LimeSDR official repository where @2ftg made 3d models (.step):
You also see 3d model using .pdf:
I also used @2ftg 3d models in FreeCAD:

Nice looking case luftek.

LimeSDR-USB 1v4 PCB projects were updated on github. Now it contains step files for both plug and socket USB connector versions. Check it here for plug version and here for socket.

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Fantastic, thanks for the update.