Is LMS6002 discontinued product?

It seems there is a problem sourcing of LMS6002. It is not available at digikey. When contacted there is no date when it will be available. Is the LMS6002 dicontinued?

@andrewback, @Zack can you provide your insight? Is there anywhere where I can reliably buy LMS6002D parts?

I asnyone oging to answer my question? Or at least give on official statement?

@modimo - Rafal,

I’m not sure how reliable this information is (probably a speculator) but this source has 6002’s on the shelf (presumably) at $95.00 USD each. Here’s the link:

I would think from what I see on Digikey’s website that the 6002 is a discontinued item and probably won’t be fabbed again since they have the LMS7002 to replace it. Digikey shows that they have 66 units of the transceiver development board for immediate shipment - that information is here:

So either way you have sources for the device, but Lime Microsystems is likely phasing this part out because of the LMS7002. I’m no spokesman for the company, just know from prior Engineering efforts that once an improved part is on the market the precursor goes into ‘sunset’ mode and once part houses (like Digikey) sell out of them the gray market takes over with whatever is left.

Hope this helps - 73 de Marty, KN0CK

I understand that this is not the case and there are presently no plans to discontinue LMS6002.

I’m not involved in sales/distribution, but my guess is that DigiKey need to place an order.

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@andrewback - Andrew,

Good datapoint for future reference - thanks for adding that in.

73 de Marty KN0CK