Is it possible to read state of ADF4002 after initialization?

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to programatically (i.e. ignoring LED indication) read state of ADF4002 after initialization (i.e. after all 4 latches have been set). That’s LimeSDR board v1.4.

For example I see that this QuickTest in LimeSDRTest_USB::ADF4002Test() sets the latches, and then reads from Register 0x74 to see if the value is 10, in which case ADF4002 test is a PASS.

Does anyone know what value is stored in Register 0x74? And if similar test can be run on LimeSDR regular (non-mini, non-PCI) board to test ADF4002? Thanks!


did you received one respond about ADF4002 programmation?
My need is to programm the clock Fref = 30.72Mhz to chain multi baord.
So Have you one respond to help me?

Best regards