IRC Channel

Found 1 irc channel for limesdr one is freenode one dalnet that i just made maybe if you need help better of someone was online can help right away.

Have been wondering if it would be worth us setting up a Myriad-RF Slack. This could take notifications from GitHub also. Interested as to what to folks think.

Anything will help the community for me i go ahead.

i created ##limesdr on freenode, would be great to see more people there!

re: slack, sounds good to me.

Even opensuse which im used to used but form some reason lately i cant update the distro without fsking the whole system so got mad and tried ubuntu which way easier now than before been using it for 3 days now.

Some opensource alternatives exist: projects like RocketChat and others provide Slack replacements, or if you want an opensource client and servers run for you, things like Telegram might make sense too