Input shorting switches

What is the function or purpose of the input shorting switches? LimeSuiteGUI->RFE->

  • input of loopback 1
  • input of loopback 2
  • input of LNAL
  • input of LNAW
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Exactly as described - they attenuate/short out unwanted signals from unused inputs, and minimize transmit interference on the LNA-H channel when operating full-duplex.

Will disabling them improve reception? Also a short in electrical context and in RF context are different or at least have different result. Why do input shorting switches exist? Is there any risk in disabling them? How would one conclude that they need to disable the shorting switch? Under what circumstances would they be disabled?

They’ll be disabled by default and used when you want to run full-duplex.

I noticed them in LimeSuiteGUI and they’re enabled. But I did not enable them. Did they get enabled doing the Quick Tests? Is there any situation when doing rx only that there would be a benefit to enabling them?