Infernal contraptions with LimeSDR-USB

Spent a couple of days working on an outdoor-packaged Odroid XU4 + LimeSDR for radio astronomy.

Outdoor Radio Telescopes Electronics

Still a fair piece to do, and that large heatsink really is necessary–for DSP job loads, the XU4 gets plenty toasty…

Canadian Centre for Experimental Radio Astronomy


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Have no clue about your outdoor local temperature but those sinks on LimeSDR are
not enough to keep Lime board cool. I have one closed&sealed metal case, one axial fan
inside to distribute heat and second radial fan with heatsink to cool the case outside.
Your case is plastic so almost all disipated heat remain inside.

Interesting. I have run it for days at a time inside a similar plastic case, with just the heatsinks you see in the photos. It does get hot, but appears to continue to function normally…

You monitored Lime SDR temp. ?

Temp. level of Lime may be around 55 to 65 C in your case,
assuming you are running narrow band RX only.

I haven’t actively monitored. I run 7Msps x 2 channels. To be honest, 55C to 65C is fairly
“cool” compared to the peak temps of the Odroid CPU…

Nice. I do agree that you will want some form of ventalation there.
I am stuffing the LimeUSB SDR, a Udoo X86 plus & (NOW) an amplifier deck from a Yaseu 857d, along with other junk into an old mobile computer that has a touch screen.


This is designed to be outdoors. Part of an ongoing (and highly iterative) project to design an integrated radio+SBC for use in a “near the dish” mode in small-scale radio astornomy. Both for back-yard radio astronomers and smaller institutions like schools and small colleges, etc.

I’ve been working on software (GR-based) and hardware in parallel. The software is able to talk to various radios, with LimeSDR being one of them. Interaction with the gadget is via the Web, so no special software is needed on your host computer. All the “smarts” are in the SBC within the box.

Once I have a “proof of concept” that I like, I want to find a commercial concern that can finish commercializing it and bring it to market. With the idea that some part of the proceeds would go towards our little research outfit: