Inductor Replacement

I am one of the backers of LimeSDR and have just received my board.
In my rush to improve the RX for HF bands I removed the wrong inductor, not the MN18 inductor but the one next to it, as shown in red in the attached image.

I’ve been trying to find the value of the inductor so I may replace it as I think the original one was damaged.

Does anyone know the value of the conductor or what CAD programme I can use to find out from the schematics on GitHub?



The component you marked is MN26. There is BOM on Github. Look under hardware version you own, but think v1.2 and v1.4 same in this regard

I would worry little about it at this point in time as you may well be tempted to remove MN26 too. This will open up both RX1L and RX1W and leave you RX1H for working the uW frequencies if I recall correctly. I know I took them both out. If you start reading somewhere +/- around the post 97 on the Where did 100KHz go? you should find what you need to know.

Looking at the schematic

MN26 (on the RX1_W port) on v1.4 of the board (the one that shipped) is 10nH, 5%

Thank you all for your input and the links to the schematics!