Inaccurate tuning in gnuradio-companion?

Hi folks,

So now that I’ve got the version of osmosdr that can talk through Soapysdr to the LimeSDR showing up in gnuradio I ran my very standard wideband fm receiver flowgraph. It works however the tuning is off. When the flowgraph thinks it is tuning the radio to 99.7 the actual station received is 103.9 (4.2Mhz different).

Rather than do the ‘tune to here, demodulate’ I’ve got the SDR grabbing all 20Mhz of spectrum in the FM band and I’m filtering a shifted version spectrum (multiply the tuned center freq by the frequency offset and then low pass filter the result and feed that into the WBFM module. Which has worked well for me in the past but is not working here. I’m going to try straight up tuning a specific frequency for the receiver and see how that works.