Importing/carrying into different countries (excl. EU/US/Canada/NZ/Aus)?

I’m a digital nomad, so travel a lot, often to ‘cheaper’ countries. Does anyone have any experience either carrying SDRs into, or importing (e.g. after buying online) into, countries outside the EU/US/Canada/NZ/Aus?

Different countries have different rules - e.g. India doesn’t allow satellite phones, and Egypt technically appears to require you to get any RF hardware approved by a government department. However, some countries may also be notoriously lax in enforcing their laws (e.g. Thailand). So I’m looking for anyone with actual experience or specific knowledge. I’m pretty flexible, so any countries aside those listed above would be interesting.

Obviously YMMV, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience in this area. Worst case I’ll leave my device in the UK whenever I travel outside of Europe, but that’s a bit of a ball-ache. I was planning to go to Egypt (Sinai) for Jan+Feb, and would love to take my new LimeSDR with me, but not if there’s a >50% chance of it being seized (or worse!)

I frequently travel with a lot of electronic equipment with me, and always take a radio receiver and an SDR device with me.

Had travel with:
Rtl-SDR USB dongle
HackRf original package.
HackRF porta pack
LimeSDR in LimeSDR aluminum case

From the customs and security point of view I have found is that the less intimidating the device look the better, in other words no one ever questioned either the rtl or the HackRF in their original packages (my first devices).

A little of concern about the HackRF porta pack since it does not have a top cover (exposed circuit board)

Base on that experiences, and knowing that I would have / will take my LimeSDR with me almost every where (or one of my SDR for that matter) I order the LimeSDR with the original aluminum case and so far I have not have any problem taking it in my back pack.

In any case make sure you remove the antenas from any of your SDR, that way they look like a general electronic device.

1.- LimeSDR aluminum case. (the one I use)
Looks like a comercial electronic device, removing the antenas and storing everything in a portable hardrive case make it look not threatening …
Very compact…

Regards, Alejandro.

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